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Resolving MPIG problems is not impossible

Some years ago, as part of our firm's teambuilding exercises, we had a motivation speaker who wanted us to believe (as he did) that we can do anything.

As an adult learning the piano, he seized on this, and told me that if I devoted enough time and practice and believed in myself enough, I could play like Mozart. He turned to my partner, an impressive marathon runner, and told him that if he too trained enough and believed in himself he could run a sub-four minute mile.

What did we learn from this? We learned that we picked the wrong speaker. What he was expecting was impossible.

I mention this, because my scepticism on achieving the impossible seems to have been taken on board by those who are trying to fix the MIPG.

OK, they got the global sum formula wrong in 2004, the MPIG was a workable 'short term' fix (which has gone on for 10 years). They got it wrong again in 2014, the rescue plan for the ‘outlying practices’ is inadequate, and officials (who are these officials?) are now considering other options. Meanwhile, general practice is stumbling forwards with an unclear financial future.

The good news is that this is not impossible to get right, it just seems that it is. Maybe, just maybe, those officials should forget Mozart and Roger Bannister, but if they try hard enough, and really believe in themselves, they will come up with a formula that works.

Now if they need a motivational speaker, I know just the guy…

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