Now, more than ever, to be successful in general practice requires a highly performing team. Successful teams need effective management and great leaders at all levels, and our content aims to help support your growth and development as a leader.

Leadership: Negotiating for success in primary care

How to plan and execute successful negotiations – CPD for practice managers and clinicians.

Becoming a leader in primary care

The issues you will face and the questions you should be asking yourself as you take the first steps into leadership. CPD for clinicians and practice managers.

Leadership: Delegating safely and effectively in patient care

How to safely use delegation to optimise the performance of your team and improve job satisfaction. CPD for clinicians and practice managers.

Developing personal resilience as a leader

The potential benefits of resilience training and key principles worth considering for leaders' own personal development. CPD for clinicians and practice managers.

Building and leading a resilient healthcare team

Resilience is an essential quality for all leaders and their teams. Fiona Dalziel explains how to take the first steps towards building a resilient team. CPD for clinicians and managers.

Leadership: Eight steps to great teamwork in primary care

How to evaluate the qualities of the individual members and work with the group to develop a high-achieving team.

Leadership: Making effective practice team decisions

The key processes and roles that need to be in place to strengthen decision-making in your organisation.

Leadership: Tackling difficult behaviour in healthcare teams

Practice management consultant Fiona Dalziel suggests ways for leaders to reduce the impact of negative forces within their teams.

Leadership: Managing primary care teams through change

Successful change management is all about the people. Practice management consultant Fiona Dalziel explains the role of the leader in change and how to take your team with you.

Leading change to improve patient care

Do you have ideas and a desire for change that could benefit patients? Dr Raj Thakkar explains how to ‘operationalise’ the journey, helping you to achieve your objectives.

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