Practice mergers

Many GP practices are making the decision to merge in order to help their business thrive in an increasingly challenging environment. Our expert advice, case studies and practical tips can help practices undergoing this process.

Practice mergers: Steps to take before you merge

Dr Jonathan Cope and Claire Oatway explain the key issues practices should address before they even start the merger process.

Expert advice

The financial aspects of a practice merger

It is essential for practices to compare accounts and discuss financial issues early on in the merger process, explains Jenny Stone.

The legal process of merging practices

A step-by-step guide to the legal issues that merging practices need to consider. By Lynne Abbess and Puja Solanki.

Practical issues involved with a practice merger

There are many practical issues to consider when merging. Dee Lynes looks at what should be addressed early on in the process.

Managing staff through a practice merger

Practice mergers can create a lot of anxiety for staff. Dee Lynes explains how practices can ease the transition for employees and highlights employment law issues to address.

Engaging with patients during a practice merger

Merging practices should obtain patient feedback and keep all stakeholders informed. Dee Lynes provides 10 top tips on how to do this.

Video: Legal advice on practice mergers

Healthcare lawyer Lynne Abbess offers advice to practices considering a merger and explains why GPs should not fear the super partnership model.

Tips to succeed when merging or working at scale

Martin Ramsey has supported a number of practices to merge or federate, he offers advice on how to ensure an 'at-scale' approach to primary care is successful.

Taking on another practice's patient list - a checklist

Medeconomics provides a list of issues that practices will need to consider if they take on another practice's patient list.

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