How changes in primary care could affect your partnership deed

Justin Cumberlege, a partner in the healthcare law firm Hempsons, highlights what practices are updating in partnership deeds to ensure that they are relevant and reflect changes in primary care.

Profit sharing clauses in partnership deeds

Fair profit-sharing clauses in partnership agreements are crucial for GP partners, says Lynne Abbess.

Updating your partnership agreement

Lynne Abbess advises on when and why GP partners should review and update their partnership deed.

Maternity leave for GP partners

Lynne Abbess provides advice on how practices should handle GP partners' maternity leave.

Arranging GP partners' entitlement for holiday

Spelling out amounts and types of leave due to each partner in the partnership deed is vital, says Lynne Abbess.

How to survive a partnership dispute

Lynne Abbess provides advice on how to avoid partnership disputes and what to do should one occur.

Steps to take when a GP partner retires

Which organisations do you need to inform when a partner retires? Lynne Abbess and Neha Shah provide a useful checklist.

The top five mistakes GPs make in partnership deeds

Common mistakes can render an agreement invalid or ineffective, writes Lynne Abbess

Succession planning for a partner's retirement

Recruiting GPs can take over a year in the current climate, so succession planning is vital, writes Jenny Stone

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