Supplies and purchasing

Choosing a supplier for your practice

Advice to help practice managers and GPs find a trusted supplier for their surgery.

Supplies and purchasing

Seven steps to cutting practice expenses

In this series, Nick Coleman explains simple steps GP practices can take to reduce their expenses and cut costs.

Five tips on becoming a smarter negotiator

Nick Coleman recommends some tried and tested tactics for securing great deals on goods and services.

Telephony tips for practices

Choosing the right telephone system depends on what your surgery wants to get out of it, says Nick Coleman.

Buying toner cartridges cost effectively

Beware if you have bought a printer cheaply because the toners could be very expensive, says Nick Coleman.

Five tips for buying stationery

Nick Coleman says it is easy to pay stationery companies over the odds for office consumables needed at the surgery.

Save money on energy procurement

With practice profits under pressure, aim for cost reductions and good customer service when you review your energy supplier, says Udhi Silva.

Five tips for buying housekeeping items

There are substantial savings to be made relative to the size and range of services of the practice, says Nick Coleman.