The NHS in England is aiming to be the first net zero health service in the world. Primary care is responsible for around 23% of the NHS's total carbon emissions, and while a large chunk of this relates to inhalers and prescribing, there is also much that practices can do to cut their non-clinical emissions.

How practices can cut their carbon emissions

Dr Matthew Sawyer, a GP who is also a sustainability consultant, highlights key steps practices can take to reduce their non-clinical carbon emissions.

How to meet PCN sustainability targets on inhaler switching

Dr Pipin Singh provides advice to practices on switching patients to lower carbon inhalers to meet the targets in this year’s Investment and Impact Fund.

How GP practices can engage staff in sustainability

Engaging staff in efforts around sustainability and promoting pro-environment behaviour changes is key to reducing carbon emissions. Dr Matthew Sawyer explains how to do this.

Top 10 tips for greener general practice

Taking steps to tackle climate change can help improve people's health both now and in the future and benefit practices. Dr Aarti Bansal explains where to start if your practice wants to become greener.

How a practice is engaging staff and patients in ‘green health’

A GP practice in Somerset has enlisted the services of a green health connector to promote and facilitate climate-friendly health choices among staff and patients.

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